Public toilets in Florence

Public restrooms, public WCs, public lavatories, public toilets in Florence, Italy

Contrary to popular belief, there are several well-maintained, clean public toilets dotted around Florence and the Tourist Information offices in Florence provide a small map that indicates the locations of these "public restrooms" in Florence. These toilet facilities currently cost 60 centesimi to use, with the exception of the one opposite the entrance to the Baptistry, in the same place as the Baptistry ticket office. The latter costs one euro and is of high standard. Others are located on Borgo Santa Croce, behind the Mercato Centrale, near Piazza della Passera in the Oltrarno and to the left of the church of Santa Maria Novella, in the piazza of Santa Maria Novella.

Click this link to download the map of public toilets in Florence.

Other public WCs are located in the SMN railway station and the SITA bus station. These also require payment but are recommended more for emergency use. Department stores and other large stores such as Edison and Martelli bookstores also have good toilet facilities and there are usable facilities in Macdonalds hamburger joints. Coin (Via Dei Calzaiuoli, 56/R) and Rinascente (Piazza della Repubblica) are two big department stores located near the Duomo that have free public toilets.

It is also recommended to take advantage of the toilet facilities of any bar, cafe or restaurant you might be patronising. These are sometimes locked and you simply ask the cashier for the key. In principle, you can go into any bar - and they are numerous - and ask to use the toilets but it's generally a good idea if you or someone with you takes a coffee, cold drink, gelato etc at the counter as "payment". After all, it costs these places money to maintain their facilities.

Some but not all tourist attractions have WC's, as for example at Santa Croce church, on the lower level as you exit. Normally these toilets are for ticket holders only, so, once again, take advantage of the facilities while you are there.


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