Flag throwing in Tuscany

Flag throwing festivals in Tuscany, Italy.

Flag throwing festivals in Tuscany, Italy.

Flag throwers performing in the main piazza of Cortona

Flag throwing (or flag tossing) is often a major part of the historical costume festivals that are one of the great attractions of Tuscany and, indeed, of all Italy. The performers, known as sbandieratori, usually young men but with an increasing number of young ladies taking part, dress in mediaeval costume and are usually accompanied by drummers (tamburi) and sometimes also trumpeters (trombettieri). Skills range from good to truly excellent. The younger participants engage in synchonised flag waving through tossing and catching their own flags, while the truly skilled carry out amazing and beautiful exercises involving simultaneously throwing two flags to two partners in their team.

Check our events calendar for any kind of festival taking place during your stay in Tuscany and with a bit of luck you'll be able to enjoy watching the sbandieratori performing.

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